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Northwest Ohio's Axe Throwing HQ

The Axe Cave was created to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and atmosphere for the thrilling sport of axe throwing.  Axecitement and good times come in second to only safety. Our axe throwing coaches are always available to give you the tips and tricks to be successful.  With practice comes skill, so plan to join us frequently and possibly consider an axe throwing league or special events!

Competitive Axe Throwing - Fun & Safe

Satisfying the drive for new experiences, axe throwing is a fun and safe activity for groups of all sizes. Let’s face it, you’ve thought of what it would be like to throw an axe – now you have the chance to bring your primal desires to life.


The Axe Cave provides an atmosphere where you and your friends can throw axes with a variety of gameplay options amidst other game play options.  We are creating unique interactive experiences like "Game Night" for adults, and "Rel-AXEing time" with axes and YOGA.  Yep, you guessed it... we are not your typical place and want to develop a community of AXEciting people!

Single-target lanes are recommended for groups of 4-6 people for a period of 2 hours and groups of 7 or more can play side-by-side on adjoining lanes. Visit us after work, for DATE NIGHT, before you hit the bars or steer the PARTY BUS to the AXE CAVE for a new experience like nothing else. 


The Axe Cave is an axe-throwing experience that is raising the bar for local entertainment, making sure you have an experience you’ll never forget.   Contact us at 419-339-9701

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